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Intuitive Learning - The Results
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Intuitive Learning is not just a method of learning.  It is partially defined by its consequence: the enrichment of the student's intuition.
We see this in the student's exhibition of mastery.
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Tying one's shoelaces
  • Playing a piece on the piano
  • Reciting the alphabet

All these will probably appear mundane to adults whose amazement has become jaded over time.  After all, who can't ride a bicycle? Who can't recite the alphabet?  Aren't all these common, ordinary activities?

Only that first moment -- when the child takes his first steps, says his first sentence, first catches a ball -- do we feel the frisson of excitement at her achievement.

The child's great success is diminished by that misperception of ordinariness.

It may be ordinary in appearance, but it is wonderful in its achievement.

Bu this is not all that Intuitive Learning is about.
If you have not already heard it, you need to listen to this NPR broadcast hidden in their archives:

The amazing students of Dan Bzdok.

Have you listened?  No?  Then stop.  Don't continue until you have heard it.
There it is, forgotten by most people, one of the most important displays of what an intuitive learner can do.
Every new teacher, every administrator, every parent should be required to listen to this broadcast and understand what it really means.
In the broadcast, those were ordinary children doing math problems in the same way they tie their shoes, brush their teeth, ride their bicycle -- intuitively.

At this point, every person responsible for the growth of a child should be asking the questions:
  • Can or will my child be able to do this?
  • And -- if not -- why not?

If you can't work the link to the NPR broadcast above, please click on the link below:

Dan Bzdok's Amazing Class!