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FOIL and distributive multiplication

Story problems, word problems -- whatever they're called, most people fear them!
But you don't have to.  Ultimately, all applied mathematics is about word problems.  And we just call them problems:
How much carpet do I need?
How far can I drive before I should fill the gas tank?
How safe is laser eye surgery?
Like all learning, we start with the obvious and move to the complex.  Get your style perfect in the simple problems and the hard problems will become much simpler.

Graphing a Line from its Description

Problems (Beginning Word Problems)

Problems - Coin

Problems - Consecutive Integers

Problems - Number

Problems - Perimeter

Learn the five basic forms of polynomial multiplication first:
    Double Distribution
    Multiplication of Conjugates (Sum & Difference)
    Squaring Binomials
Next use your facility in multiplying to become adept at factoring various polynomial forms.
Then use your factoring ability to become expert at solving a variety of quadratic and polynomial equations.

FOIL and distributive multiplication

squaring binomials

factoring the difference of two squares


solving polynomials by factoring

solving by isolating, factoring, or the quadratic formula

Graphing is the beginning of the union of Algebra and Geometry.  Although most of the graphs can be easily replicated on graphing calculator, we are going to learn how to analyze when in the world of algebraic graphing.

Graphing (Alg 1) - Basic Equations

Graphing - Rational Polynomials - Part 1

Graphing: Radical Functions

Graphing: Using Critical Analysis

Conic Sections: Description => Graph

Conic Sections: Standard Equation => Description


Rotating Circles problem